Careless Reduced To "fail To Drive In Marked Lane" Guelph

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Careless Reduced To "fail To Drive In Marked Lane" Guelph

by: ME AGAIN on

Friend charged with Careless after an accident in which they fell asleep at the wheel, crossed the center line and hit another vehicle head on, and one other vehicle swerved to avoid the accident and rolled over in a ditch. All three vehicles were write offs, and one person was taken to hospital with bruised ribs and a broken collar bone. Was presented a ticket with the Careless charge and a summons to appear to set a trial date. Went today to speak with the prosecutor prior to setting a trial date, and she agreed to amend to "Failure to drive in a marked lane", 154(1)(a). Told her I think the new wording is "Unsafe move", but she said the court will accept her wording. Now the fine amount, $250 plus victim surcharge for a total of $290. Told her the charge carried an $85 fine plus V.C. for a total of $110. She said that is if the officer wrote a ticket at the time with that charge, and she was giving a reduction of 3 points and a minimum fine of $500 plus, so be happy. Agreed to the amended charge and went before the worship and plead guilty. Tried to provide submission about penalty and was told, it was a joint submission as to the charge and we were informed as to penalty so no submissions allowed, and the agreed to fine would be $290. Received 90 days to pay.

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