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False Seatbelt Accusation

by: dj10fld on

About a week ago, I was coming off the highway and noticed 2 officers infront of the first traffic light about 500 m from where the off-ramp ends. As I was driving forward, I get pulled over (at this point I don't know why). The officer comes up and asks if there is any medical reason why I'm not wearing my seltbealt....but heres the thing people...


The officer didn't see it, now I was wearing my black leather jacket over my black "work uniform" golf-shirt and the windows are slightly tinted, and I am 6'5" male. So I can understand how he cannot see it. But when he saw me up close, I don't know why he couldn't put it all together and realize that it was on the entire time. Nor did I make any sudden movements to make it seem like I was putting the seatbelt on during a last minute attempt.

I gotta ask..how do I fight this injustice. The only thing I can think of is taking a picture from the same distance the cop was from me, with me wearing the same clothing that I was the day I got ticketed.

Its unfair..police bullying tactic.

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by: Reflections on

You will have to go to court and argue it. Was it day or night? You already mentioned lack of quick movements...mention your size and colours of vehicle, your clothing, interior of the car and the picture would help. Try to include a meter stick for comparison. All you have to prove is reasonable doubt to the judge, not the officer. Ask the officer the question "Is it possible you have made a mistake". Don't be hot headed while asking the questions, this would be my approach.

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