No Accident. False Police Report Filed. Need Advice!

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No Accident. False Police Report Filed. Need Advice!

by: freedom94 on

My dad recently received a letter stating that he is being sued for a car accident he was involved in for bodily injury that occurred in mississauga. Here's the thing, he was on vacation that same time and drove his car to new burnswick. He received a statement of claim stating that his car was unsafe, and driving was unsafe causing severe bodily injury. The car is a 2015 civic, and I remember he had bought it from a dealership used with safety like 2 months before that.

So no accident happened, car was in another province, a false police report was filed by the other party, and no correspondence was made with my dad or his insurance company at all. He is the only person that uses his car, and it was stated it in statement of claim that it was driven by a lady we have never heard of. When he went to the local police station, the officer stated there was indeed a report filed with that license plate and it was a white 2015 civic... I am baffled.

What can one do in this situation?

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