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OPS Copper
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by: OPS Copper on

There is no impound...The bike was towed to get it off the street...All you have to do is pay tow fee......

The only impound is the 45 day that falls under the Ontario HTA for people convicted previously..

But the HTA penalties do not apply,

Note everyday you leave your bike in the tow yard cost about 80/day i think....Since I know when this happened I would think that by now the cost would be more than the bike...


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by: cruzmisl on

Ebike riders that got into Grandpa's cough medicine can and have been charged with impaired. Its a legit charge since its a motor vehicle as defined by the CCC. Since it is not a motor vehicle as defined by the HTA, ADLS suspensions do not apply.

It still needs to be towed from the road since you can't leave it there for someone to steal.

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