Summons: Caught Driving while under medical suspension, HELP

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Summons: Caught Driving while under medical suspension, HELP

by: Bladez2k2 on
Wed Nov 25, 2015 11:09 pm

I was wondering if i could get advice for a plea, or a defense for driving while under a suspended license due to medical. I have had my license gone or 8 years already after getting electrocuted at work and now have chronic Ataxia, uncontrolled grand mal seizures, PTSD, a brain injury plus others. I had a rough night and seizured more then average, my PTSD was acting up as the anniversary of my accident was approaching. After having multiple grand mal and focal serizures I slipt into a post-ictal seizure state. during which time, I apparently i found my fiances keys and took her car out for a drive at 3:25am, with no memory of the event, just waking up later at home with 2 tickets (dirty plate) and a summons for driving while under suspended license. how do i go about defending mself? Do i plea not guilty do to medical? plea for reduced sentence? I haven't drove the entire time i have had my lsince suspended, nor did i have as little as a parking ticket before my medical suspension.
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by: jsherk on
Thu Nov 26, 2015 1:11 pm

I would recommend you seek legal advice as you will (1) need to prove your medical condition (I am sure you have lots of paperwork for this), and (2) somehow prove you were in a post-ictal state (not sure how you would do this).

You should definitely start by pleading not guilty and requesting a trial with all officers present, and then once you get notice of trial you can request disclosure (notes from all officers present) in order to see their case against you.

As a side note, I was recently at the court house and heard he prosecutor and 2 police discussing a charge of drunk in public with the gentleman charged. He said that he was sleeping in the house next door and was sleep walking when he went over and was banging on the neighbours door. The police were called and laid the charge. During the discussions though, both police officers agreed that he was barefoot and in his pajamas (supporting he was sleeping next door), and that although they charged him with drunk in public they both said that it seemed a little "strange" as in "something was not the same" with their usual calls for drunk in public. The police and the prosecutor all agreed with his explanation that he had been sleep walking and they drop the charge.
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