'Driver fail to surrender licence'

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'Driver fail to surrender licence'

by: Roberta on
Wed Aug 17, 2011 12:30 am

My husband got a ticket on our way to a cottage for f'ail to surrender licence'. It was because his license fell out of his pocket in his car. We were driving my car and I was not feeling well so he drove.

I understand that this ticket will increase our insurance rates and we can't afford for that to happen. The problem is that we live in Toronto. I don't have a problem going to court but it is too far to go to set a court date and then to go to court. Any suggestions? I got some on-line quotes for paralegals but they were very expensive, triple and more of what the ticket costs. The ticket is for $110.

Also, I don't know if this matters but the Icon at the top left of the ticket is torn and the top of the numbers are gone. It looks like the numbers are 2060 but they could also be 2080. The numbers at the top right are also torn off. The first three are almost gone but because the bottom of them you can guess what they most likely are.

The ticket was on County road 41,Greater Napanee ON Highway traffic act 128 August 12, 2011

thanks for the help.
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by: Stanton on
Wed Aug 17, 2011 12:36 pm

Are you certain a conviction would increase your insurance rates? It should be considered a minor conviction, which many providers will overlook assuming it's your only ticket.

It's a bit of a difficult charge to fight since it's hard to justify not having your licence with you. I don't think your particular circumstances would be accepted by the Courts as a valid reason for your husband not to have surrendered his licence.

I'm sure the Crown would be more then willing to offer you a reduced fine, but I doubt they'll simply withdraw the charge. While some busy jurisdictions (like Toronto) are more lenient since they're so backed up, it's unlikely to be the case up in Napanee. If you were given a break on another offence as well (i.e. stopped for speeding but given the licence ticket since it has no points) simply having the charge withdrawn is even more unlikely.
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