Fail To Surrender Insurance Card + Fail To Surrender Permit For Vehicle

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Fail To Surrender Insurance Card + Fail To Surrender Permit For Vehicle

by: galloots13 on


I was pulled over today speeding 80km in a 60 zone. However, when the officer asked me for my insurance and ownership it seemed to be misplaced. I looked for 5 minutes and couldn't find it, so he gave me the ticket for speeding, insurance AND fail to provide vehicle permit.

As soon as i got home, i found both permits as they were dislodged at the top of my glove compartment.

I don't have a problem paying for the speeding ticket - but can i go to the court house down the street from where I was pulled over, and bring in the paperwork showing the burden of proof that I had both, and get them thrown out?

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by: bend on

First thing to know here are the charges are still valid. Failure to surrender is not the same as not having. It means an officer requested and you were not able to provide upon that request. Finding them later is not proof against the charge. The charge is different for not having any insurance at all and you wouldn't be driving away.

Lets say you book an early resolution meeting (if available) and bring your documents. There is a chance they might let both slide, drop one but not the other, or not do anything at all. They are not under any obligation to do anything. You can also book a trial. They'll make the same offers (if any) on your trial date. The officer would have to attend at a trial date but not an early resolution.

That being said, it's absolutely worth a shot. I'd assume they'll do something for you in return that you plead guilty on the speeding charge.

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