Fail To Change Address On Driver Licence

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Fail To Change Address On Driver Licence

by: itjustonlyme on

Have you eveer see this. My son was pull over for broken head light. The officer check the DL. adn ask for his address. My son just move about 1 month ago and forgot to change the address. The office took his licence away ( he couldn't drive home), gave him a ticket (over $300.00) for driving without a valid licence. I search every where but can not find any thing like this. Any idea what can be done? He needs the licence to work. Thanks

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by: hwybear on

Sounds like the licence was expired.

go to the MTO and renew the licence

- A person only has 6 days to notify the Ministry of a change of address or change of name on their licence and ownership. While at the MTO update the address as well.

Above is merely a suggestion/thought and in no way constitutes legal advice or views of my employer.
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