Burnt headlight ticket options.. Meet with Prosecutor?

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Burnt headlight ticket options.. Meet with Prosecutor?

by: beiko on
Fri Mar 20, 2015 12:55 pm

Hey I couldn't find this ticket in any of the topics.
Last night i was at a bar, as soon as I left a cruiser got behind me and flashed me to pull over.
He pointed at my headlight that was burnt (which i honestly just noticed as i was pulling into the bar parking lot) and asked me if i had anything to drink.. Anyway i said no, he thought I'm lying (i had 1 beer 3 hours prior) asked me to come out of the car for a breathalyzer test because he "can smell it on me and in the car".. bullshit.
Anyway i came clean said i did have 1 beer. Blew a 0 so thats that.

He did give me a $110 "Driving with improper headlights" ticket.
Im gonna get that fixed today, but when i look at the ticket the 3 options were
1. Plea guilty
2. Early Resolution - Meet with Prosecutor
3. Trial option

Im wondering what option 2 is. I know that for a trial you usually speak to the prosecutor prior to the trial starting.
I definitely want to get this ticket dropped or reduced. Should i choose option 2 or 3?

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by: Radar Identified on
Fri Mar 20, 2015 9:41 pm

Option 2 is you meet with the Prosecutor ahead of any trial date, and you try to resolve it. It's basically the "meeting before trial" without having a trial scheduled. Not really sure what the outcome will be, usually if you show them it has been fixed, they'll often offer you something less. Some of the more lenient Prosecutors have just dropped the charge, but that's not quite as common.
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