Disobey Sign - 182 At Blue Jays Way

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Disobey Sign - 182 At Blue Jays Way

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Got a ticket last November for disobey traffic sign. Some background - Took a u-turn on Blue Jays Way in downtown Toronto. There were a bunch of officers hiding in the parking lot ahead and pulling drivers and issuing tickets to a number of people for same offence. The traffic was grid lock and everyone was going ahead making a u-turn. I have never been issued any tickets earlier and this is my first offence. The officer told me that since I do not have any previous offence, to select option 3 and fight the ticket.

I filed for court date and finally received notice to appear on the 2nd week of September. I already filed for disclosure via registered mail. My problem is I will be on vacation which was planned long ago for 5 weeks outside the country during my trial date. What are my options.

1. Do I go and request for a motion to change the trial date? If so what is the best time to go and ask for this request (immediately, August, just before I leave on vacation etc)?

2. What is the process to move the trial date?

3. Any tips of how to prepare my defense? I have not had any offence before and had a clean driving record.


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