Failed To Stop At A Stop Sign? (maybe)

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Failed To Stop At A Stop Sign? (maybe)

by: kenbis on

I was traveling east and an officer had been parked on the street that that was at a right angle to the street that i was on. After i passed the intersection he pulled me over and said that i had failed to stop at a stop sign. I have no recollection of stopping or failing to stop. I assumed that the officer was correct and said that i had not seen the stop sign, if i had i would have stopped. He showed me video of me going through the intersection and it appeared that i failed to stop. I received the ticket and then went back to the intersection to see if the stop sign was obstructed in any way. Though the stop sign had not been obstructed i noticed that the stop sign was several feet west of the intersection and from the street that the officer had been parked on, the hedges of the house on the corner blocked the view of any cars that stop where the stop sign has been placed. Only cars that go several feet past the stop sign can be seen. I plan to fight the ticket and i'm going to take some pictures of the intersection but i would like to review the police video first. Can anyone tell me if there is a form that i use or do i just have to make a request at the police station or other location. Also does anyone know how much it would cost for a Traffic Paralegal to fight it and do you think i would even need one.


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by: Decatur on

As for the placement of the stop sign, that's not actually where you are supposed to stop. Depending on the road design, you either stop at the marked stop line or, if none, then immediately before entering the nearest crosswalk or, if none, then immediately before entering the intersection.

For disclosure you'll want to attend the local court having jusisdiction of the ticket. Make sure you request a copy of any video taken at the time of the alleged offence (yu might want to ask what format the video is in to make sure you can play it when you get home) and any notes written by the officer.

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