G2 Driver Single Car Owner Failed To Stop A School Bus With Red Lights On And Was About To Stop

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G2 Driver Single Car Owner Failed To Stop A School Bus With Red Lights On And Was About To Stop

by: Bali on

It is for my friend he is freaking out now.

He has a G2 license and is a single owner of the car.

He failed to stop a school bus signal it was totally unintentional. The School bus was just about to stop and the red lights were flashing. Stop signal was not out yet but still, I think that he violated the traffic law.

No cops pulled him over

What are the consequences of this?

Will he get a ticket of 500 and demerit points or just the ticket?

Thank you so much in advance

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by: bend on

There was a similar thread here a couple days ago.

You can find your answers and more here.

Your answers were also in the old thread you bumped up here.

When not charged at the scene, the owner of the vehicle will likely be charged. That is if there is a charge to be laid. No, there are no demerit points if you are charged as the owner.

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by: leehoewonek on

You say the school bus was just about to stop. If it wasn't stopped, there isn't an issue: "Every driver or street car operator, when meeting on a highway, other than a highway with a median strip, a stopped school bus that has its overhead red signal-lights flashing, shall stop before reaching the bus and shall not proceed until the bus moves or the overhead red signal-lights have stopped flashing." You only have to stop for school buses that are stopped. I've seen many rolling to a stop with the lights on and arm out on country roads, sometimes still at relatively high speeds.

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by: lord_Relish on

Relating to this post, I have a question regarding School buses in Ontario and their lights...

In practically every other province and state, a yellow school bus has both amber and red lights up top.

The amber lights activate when the bus is approaching a school bus stop to alert you it is about to make a stop (i guess much like an amber traffic light).

The red lights do not come on until the bus is actually stopped and the door is opened/stop arm out.

In Ontario, they have made all the lights red - sometimes only having red, but often replacing the amber light covers with red, so that the pre-stop phase is also red. The bus is usually still moving, but as the lights are flashing red it is a bit confusing....

The question then - Why? Why does Ontario do it differently from everywhere else?

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