2nd Disclosure-5th request-still missing info-what to do?

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by: screwed-by-guys_in-blue on
Fri Feb 12, 2010 9:49 am

racer wrote: In any case, congratulations on a hard win!
Thank You.
I sure wasnt going to allow my Mom to defend herself, when I too agree the prosecutor did seem to be telling me, IF that trial was going to be held over.. The next one my Mom would have to attend, without me to help her... Certainly WOULD have been a biased trail as the prosecutor seemd to dwell on, a few times.

I've never met such equilateral abuser of her position (and the justice system ... or any system) in my life!

I hope one day she makes an error in driving ( :twisted: or maybe her taxes), and has the book thrown hard at her, :shock:
I'd like to see how she feels about someone as abusive as i feel she acted towards my 80 year old mother, to not allow her the RIGHT, to proper defence on such a honest error in judgment as she was charged on.

If (from what I'm hearing in Toronto,) police are so needy to have to reach a quota on tickets issued, they should be allowed the judgment call of giving someone a warning, :roll: especially when the officer saw she's not from Toronto, but elsewhere in the province.

I hope the cop and prosecutor felt good about ganging up on her so she couldn't properly defend herself, then to pressure her into confessing guilt, so they could all go home in time for the weekend to start.

I know I'd do it all again, :P even if just to be the moron that ruined thier weekend. :evil:
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