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Disclosure Request

by: king4087 on

Hi I got ticket on dvp, officer said that i was going 2 fast and geve me 49km over. I dont think I did that and I asked disclosure request about 3 weeks ago. My question is when should I receive the disclosure or should I fax it again???? thank you

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by: KiX on

I recently attended court and had my case adjourned to a later date in 2010. Did you leave your phone number on the disclosure letter?

When I attended court the prosecutor said the disclosure was ready a month ago and that I did not come pick it up. I stated that they had my mailing address and couldve sent me a letter informing me it was ready for pickup.. The JP said I had to pick it up myself. Anyhow, I received disclosure on my 1st trial date, and now Im waiting for my 2nd.

The labour disruption is still on at the moment so itll be hard for you to contact the prosecutors office, hope this helps.

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