81 in a 50 zone in Guelph

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81 in a 50 zone in Guelph

by: midnightbreak on
Thu May 24, 2012 9:53 pm

So I turned left onto edinburgh rd S in Guelph went down the hill and there was a speed trap (tripod radar). The officer said I was doing 81 km in a 50 zone. I don't think I was going quite that fast. Anyway, I was very polite, got my license and registration out. I've never even been pulled over before. So he doesn't say much, takes the cards back to his car and comes back with the ticket saying I have 15 days to pick one of the options on the back of the ticket.
Any hope that I can even get it reduced to 3 demerit points?
Thanks in advance!
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