Guelph - Requesting A Trial, Chances To Win. 93 Km/h In 50 Km/h Zone On Rural Road.

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Guelph - Requesting A Trial, Chances To Win. 93 Km/h In 50 Km/h Zone On Rural Road.

by: alexalex9 on

I’ve got a speeding ticket 70 in 50 zone on the rural road north of Guelph. Reduced from 93 km/h. There is no “R” code on the ticket if it does matter.

I am thinking about requesting a trial, but it is different from my previous experience (8 years ago).

Regarding trial request

1. Can I send a trial request by mail, just filling out the option 3 on the back of the ticket? If yes, does it mean I should send the original ticket?

2. There are no checkbox “I intend to challenge Provincial Offences Officer’s evidence”. If I send just a ticket without that checkbox, can they decide that I don’t want to see the officer at the trial?

Regarding chances to win

3. I’ve heard officers do show up in Guelph in almost all cases (unlike in Toronto, for example). Is that correct based on recent experience?

4. There is a chance that I was clocked just before my car entered 50 zone. If I challenge officer’s evidences by asking if he knows the exact distance between him and the beginning of 50 zone, asking about the range of the radar, etc., is there any practical chance to win?

I successfully won the case with 11b eight years ago , but I don’t think that may actually happen in Guelph.

back of the ticket
back of the ticket
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