unclear about option 3 and what to do

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unclear about option 3 and what to do

by: tweety on
Sat Jul 21, 2012 9:10 pm

I was recently ticketed for going 35 km/h over. The ticket was not reduced. The officer suggested I select option 3, and when I asked why I would do that, the officer told me that often people get the charge reduced. However, I am unclear about a few things, and have tried to find answers in the forum but obviously haven't.

First: If I select option 3, will I get a chance to meet with someone beforehand to negotiate a lesser charge (reducing demerit points is my goal)? I noticed that some jurisdictions do offer this according to previous posters, but there's no mention of this for the Muskoka district. Option 2 on my ticket says Plea of Guilty with Submissions as to Penalty, which to my understanding will allow me to decrease the fine only, or the amount of time to pay.

Second: In selecting option 3, what exactly am I going to say when/if I get to court? According to the officer, lots of people go, but I can't imagine that lots of people have evidence to dispute the officer's findings.

Third: Do I need to select the second box for option 3 that says that I intend to challenge the officer's evidence and want the officer present?

If anyone can clarify for me, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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by: Stanton on
Sat Jul 21, 2012 9:27 pm

Different jurisdictions have different options on the back. What you want to request is an early resolution meeting with the Crown. Typically they will offer you a plea deal (reduced speed in exchange for a guilty plea). Unless options 2 states early resolution meeting (which yours doesn't), you will want to select Option 3. This doesn't mean you actually have to go to trial, but ask at the Courthouse how you go about scheduling a pre-trial meeting with the Crown. I'd check the box requesting the officer's evidence etc. for now simply to keep your options open.
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