140kph On 401 Rear Facing Radar Question

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140kph On 401 Rear Facing Radar Question

by: mickydub on

Hi guys,

my first post here, hoping someone can shed some light on this for me..

Saturday 8pm, i was travelling on the 401 east from Toronto. i was travelling in the passing lane, and yes i admit i was travelling in excess of the posted 100kph. i came up behind a car that was in the slow lane, upon closer inspection i saw it was a crown Victoria ghost car, so i brake to 100, this takes literally a second to drop my speed, the cruiser then sees me and brakes and signals for me to pull over. he approaches the car and tells me he clocked me at 140, i asked how he came up with that speed as although i admitted i was speeding, i doubted his claim that i was going 140. he informed me that opp had rear facing radar that were able to instantly read the speed of any car behind them instantaneously even when the cruiser is in motion. i asked for the possibility of a break, to which he replied, "i dont give breaks" and walked off. I took the ticket and proceeded on my way watching my speed for the rest of my journey.

140kph, $295, 4 points.

So, Question time.

Do the opp cruisers have the ability to read the speed of another car coming from behind when the police car is in motion?? is this accurate?? or is this something that i could challenge in court?? i have never heard of something like this before.

what box should i tick on the ticket before sending in?? A plea of guilty but submissions as to penalty

B trial option, (does teh officer need to attend?)

I dont want to pay a lawyer 500 to defend me though. as i have a BC license and the points will not be applied as its out of province. its just the principal of the thing, i dont think i was doing the 140 period.

any help, or if you guys are able to shed some light on this would be awesome!!!

thanks in advance

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by: hwybear on

rear antenna radar has been around for a long time. All OPP cars I have seen have both front and rear antenna, both accurate and therefore can easily obtain a speed of a vehicle catching up to the cruiser from behind.

Above is merely a suggestion/thought and in no way constitutes legal advice or views of my employer. www.OHTA.ca
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by: Stanton on

mickydub wrote: as i have a BC license and the points will not be applied as its out of province. its just the principal of the thing, i dont think i was doing the 140 period.

I would confirm that with the BC ministry that looks after licencing. The Canada Driver Licence Compact states that all Provinces are to exchange conviction information and apply appropriate points for what the same conviction would require in the home Province. Upon conviction Ontario should forward the information to BC, since your licence information is recorded on the ticket.

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