Rear End Collision

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Rear End Collision

by: Wolfiy1 on

I rear ended another car after she stopped a second time in a yield lane while I was performing a shoulder check. We exchanged info and left the scene. The collision centre officer looked at my photos and thought it was under $1000 and said it was non reportable. Trying to avoid going through insurance I asked the other driver to give me the quote first. It ended up being more than $1000. Do I now have to report it and if I let it go through insurance, can I be charged with anything? Am I just better off trying to find the money to avoid insurance as opposed to reporting it?

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by: ynotp on

If neither of you reported the accident it would be in your best interest to pay for the damages. You could be charged with following to closely or careless driving. Just get it in writing that by paying for the damages they agree not to pursue any action against you related to this incident.

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by: 287 on

Reporting it now, can result in charges. My experience is not very different from yours, except there was under $1000 worth of damage. Once it was reported, a charge of careless driving was laid 3 weeks later. Paying for the damage does not make it so charges are not laid, however if paying keeps the other driver contented and no report is needed for insurance, you could be saving time and money in the long run. I would also ask for written confirmation that no further action will be pursued. Damages were paid for in our case as well, and charges were still laid.

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