Ticket for "parking facing wrong direction" while in a lot

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Ticket for "parking facing wrong direction" while in a lot

by: Joe on
Tue Jun 28, 2011 11:01 pm


I got this ticket last December and I decided to challenge it. The details are as follows:
- I parked in a parking lot adjacent to the St Matthias' Church at the end of the Warwick Place in Ottawa, ON (this street is not in Google Streetview, but the satelite image on Google maps is detailed)
- The lot forms a letter L shape as it attaches to an end of a dead-end street
- My car was parked towards the end of the lot (in the direction of the street), but there were two more cars after me
- It was December, there was snow on the pavement and parking delineation lines were barely visible
- When I returned an hour and half later, the lot was almost empty and my car had a parking ticked on it saying I parked facing wrong direction - no curb (contrary to 2003-530 5(1)B) ... but I was parked in a parking lot!!!

My trial date is approaching. I have pictures I took on the spot to present as evidence. How else can I prepare to challenge this?

Thanks in advance for the replies!
Google Satellite image of where parked
google_satellite.JPG (189.16 KiB) Viewed 1454 times
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