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90 Km/h To 131 Km/h Driving 40 Over Sudbury

by: howareyou2day on

90 km/h zopne , and trapped on 131km /h , near sudbury , .

thinking to hire lawyer , any suggestons , coopers, or goal case

Any reviews,

or suggestiosn what shall I do , first ever speeding ticket ,

driving rental car , showed all the documents to police officer, was having transmission issues and screwed up by canadian tir and last moment have to go for rental and travelling from toronto to sudbury for work , caught 12.40 am night time , 90 km/h zone,

have canadian tire receipt and car rental documents to justify , that new vehicle ! just asking suggestion s.


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by: bend on

It's hard to read what your argument is here. I'm not sure what your Canadian Tire receipts or rental car have to do with anything.

Are you saying that you were late to work? It's irrelevant.

You're still likely to get a reduced charge, something like 29 over. If you're going to pay someone, you might as well do it yourself. They're just going to do the same thing for you. Just book a court date and show up.

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