Speeding 40km In A 20km Zone

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Speeding 40km In A 20km Zone

by: peter12345t on

Hello everyone,

I was just wondering if someone can shed some light on my speeding ticket.

I was driving in high park in toronto. I was going southbound on west rd coming around a corner and down hill when I was supposedly clocked at 40 km in a 20 zone. I asked the officer where the speed reading was taken and they said at the base of the hill. I would have been on a road not directly in line with the officers laser/radar on her tripod. Could you reasonably fight this on the grounds that they need direct line of sight and her positioning was from an angle and downward toward my car? Where can I find a copy of the rules in respect to the use of these tools for the officer. Also is it possible to get any advice on fighting this ticket. Thanks in advance

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by: Stanton on

Youll need to request disclosure and see what evidence the Crown has and how they obtained your speed. Slopes and angles wont typically affect the accuracy of stationary speed measuring devices. Radars will show a lower than actual speed at sharp angles, but since the error benefits you its of no real use in Court.

Once you get disclosure and have a better idea of what you're up against, you'll probably get some ideas on how to fight the charge. Scan through the forums as well, lots of good threads with people experiences of fighting tickets and common outcomes in Court.

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