57km/h In A 40km/h Zone Reduced To 55km/h Options?

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57km/h In A 40km/h Zone Reduced To 55km/h Options?

by: Andrew555 on
Sun Sep 22, 2019 10:45 am

On Wednesday morning I was on my way to school when I was pulled over for doing 57km/h in a 40km/h zone, the officer reduced my ticket to 55km/h over, no points with a $52 fine. Im 18 years old under my parents insurance. This is my first speeding ticket and Im not looking forward at seeing what my insurance goes up to. I do not doubt that i was traveling faster than 40km/h but i do not know how much faster. What are my options pay the fine? Just go to court and see what happens? Also Im not sure if this means anything but the ticket has not been filed yet on the Ontario ticket status website.

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by: bend on
Mon Sep 23, 2019 11:35 am

Your options are on your ticket.

Are you looking to go through the trial process?

Are you looking for an early resolution? Note, your ticket was already reduced to a no demerit bracket from a 3 point bracket. You're likely not to get any further reduction.

Are you a fully licensed driver? If so, the points are rather meaningless. They last 2 years from the day you were charged and disappear. If not, the limited amount of points might mean more to a novice driver than a full G.

Your insurance doesn't use points. They use brackets. Speeding 15km or 17km falls into the same bracket. You will be charged the same surcharge. Example, if it's 10%, then you'll pay 10% either way.

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