Right To View Radar Detector Reading

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Right To View Radar Detector Reading

by: residentialbuyer on

My husband was pulled over for speeding 28 km/hr over in a posted 50km/hr zone, and asked the Officer if he had the right to view the Radar Detector Reading. The Officer said no.

It was my understanding that Drivers had this right. Am I correct, or is it only in some jurisdictions, such as in Michigan?

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by: Radar Identified on

residentialbuyer wrote:It was my understanding that Drivers had this right.

Not in Ontario. It is the officer's discretion as to whether or not they will show the reading. Some of them do, some don't, but it is not required.

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by: hwybear on

agreed with all above. Not required to show the reading, further the reading does not even have to be "locked" and therefore will not be displayed

if the reading is there, the next words would be is "it's not my vehicle".

Further it is unsafe for drivers to get out of their vehicle on any highway. Police do this day in an out, are used to traffic, cognizant of the variety of dangers which many drivers do not realize or think of on a daily basis. Now compound that with someone that now has other thoughts on their mind: gotta see that radar, irate from being stopped, thinking of the meeting they are now that much later getting too etc... all a recipe for a very dangerous outcome.

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