your point of view

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your point of view

by: CanadianSmitty on
Sun Feb 21, 2016 10:17 pm

Hi everyone, been a long time guest lurker this is my first time porting so pleas bare with me.
I have learned a lot of this site, and am hoping you guys can teach me some more.

Long story short,

I recently got pulled over for speeding (which I still don't understand but that's another story) when I stop the cop comes up to my car with attitude asking if I know what mirrors are for. That he had been flashing his lights and sounding his siren for almost a kilometer before I stopped. And he was giving me a $500 fine. Also that I was speeding and getting that proximal ticket as well.

So as I am stunned by this sitting there waiting for him playing this all back in my head, I know I am nowhere in the wrong, with the stopping. Ok I might have been a bit slow noticing he was behind me, nut once I did I prepared to pull over but did not feel safe as the shoulder of this country road was full of ice, snow & water. I'm in the Ottawa area and we just had -40 then 50+cm of snow, then warm and raining.
Back to story
So between figuring out how to move over noticing the other lane is empty that he can go around all of us, I realize it is me he is pulling over.... so then the oh *EDIT*, how do I do this on the shoulder without any problems.
Needless to say I stop, get lectured about safety vehicles etc . Then he comes back with a $490 "failure to stop for emergency vehicle"

So here are my thought, please tell me of I'm am idiot, or missing something
Yes I was slow, (he said a kilometer, so at 80kmh he was behind me till I stopped about 40seconds.)
His car was a ghost car, not very emergency looking and lights are not at edges of car so there for less visible. Especially glimpsing a side mirror.
Side of the road conditions were not the best to pull over quick on, then upon realizing it was me, having to pull over and stop safely......
Well all that takes a bit of time.
Is there a "Set" time besides immediately, especially when safety is a concern?
I did stop, maybe just not fast enough in his eyes
If I didn't stop..... how did I get the ticket ?
All is all I think this was a gross over reaction not thinking of the surroundings etc .
Thanks for any input
Should I fight it or is it a lost cause.......

Ps. Where can I get a real paper book copy of the HTA ? I had one back in the 90's that I kept in the hot rod, but now can't seem to find them ? Thanks
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