Need Advice Fighting 2 Diff. Speeding Tickets (CLEAN RECORD)

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Need Advice Fighting 2 Diff. Speeding Tickets (CLEAN RECORD)

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Ticket number 1 - 25 km/h in a 50. Originally doing 85 km/h in a 50. The road signs change very quickly within a 200 metre range from 50 km/h to 70 km/h to 90 km/h. Tagged me right before the 70 km/h sign begins (about 5-10 yards before), i stopped after this sign.

He reduced the fine to 25 over in a 50, and marked an "R" on my ticket to show this.

Ticket # 2 - Originally doing 129 km/h in a 90 km/h zone. Officer dropped it to 110 km/h in a 90 km/h zone (20 over)...not that it makes a difference, same points, same fine.

These tickets were within the same week, and I am going to "fight" them both.

I need help fighting them. With the first ticket. I am going to talk with the JP and hopefully the officer for a different fine.

Ticket #1 - I will suggest a 182.2 (Disobeyed Traffic Sign), and ask for a higher set fine. This will drop 1 point. And I will also plead my case for the fact that I have a clean driving record (the other ticket wont be processed yet), it was 12:45 am, and not that it matters in their eyes I was returning to school for a class at 8:30 am.

Ticket # 2 - I was speeding, however, I will again plead that I have a clean driving record, this is a first time offense and push for it to be dropped to a 0-15 over the posted speed limit. This will save me 3 points.

I am in the process of mailing my tickets in, and requesting disclouser. I believe for ticket 1 the officer wrote down the actual speed I was going on the back of the ticket because he took his time, and he said if i take it to court he will push for the actual speed. Now the JP at this court was a former police officer, and therefore there is the chance that he will raise my ticket back to the posted 35 over. This worries me.

Is there any information/help you can add regarding my case? How to proceed, with either ticket, what to say and do, any thing I should recommend to the JP to the officer to lower my offense? I want to save points, not get a reduced fine.

What should I look for... in the package that I receive? I will ask for ...all the officers notes, radar manual, radar testing, and the back of my ticket. Anything else I should request? How do i go about finding problems in this?

If I don't like what happens in front of the JP and proceed to trail... and there more severe consequences?

Thank you in advance.

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