Need Advice - Got A Ftc Ticket And Am Fighting It In Court

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Need Advice - Got A Ftc Ticket And Am Fighting It In Court

by: awedge on

I am in need of some advice regarding a FTC ticket that I am fighting in court in July.

In January, I was involved in an accident on my way in to work. I was on a major highway (400), heading south during rush hour traffic. The weather that day was pretty bad - it was one of those freezing rainy wet Monday mornings. Traffic had been slow the whole way in, and was just picking up speed when the car in front of me suddenly stopped. Not sure of my speed, but it wasn't fast - had been below 50 the whole way in and we were just coming off a stop at Major Mack.

Anyhow, the car in front of me stopped suddenly, and I slammed on my breaks. I believe I had left a good distance between us, and am always careful about that, but my ABS kicked in and I rear-ended the car in front of me. The roads were slick that morning, and I remember when I called 911 the first thing I was asked was if I had hit black ice (to which I responded in my state of shock "I don't know"). My car was equipped with new winter tires.

Anyhow, I was told by many people, including some police officers, that I should fight the ticket so I am. What I am hoping for is to not lose any points - my record has been clean for over 20 years - no accidents, nothing. Does anyone have any advice or recommendations on what I should expect from the trial? I am representing myself as I don't have a lot of extra cash to spare. I was told that I should argue that it was the weather conditions that morning, and that I should also argue that the officer can't really prove following too close because he did not witness the actual accident. Does this make sense?

Any advice/words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!!

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