Genesis Ii - Moving Mode (slower Or Faster)

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Genesis Ii - Moving Mode (slower Or Faster)

by: rank on
Thu Dec 03, 2015 9:34 am

From the Decatur website, I have obtained the specs from the Decatur Genesis II Select. Under the heading "Computer - Speed Ranges" what does the following mean?

Moving Mode Same Direction - Target (Slower or Faster)

From the user's selected minimum speed separation up to 75% of patrol speed"

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by: screeech on
Thu Dec 03, 2015 6:03 pm

If you are driving in the same direction mode, the faster / slower button tells the radar what the target vehicle is doing...going faster or slower that the patrol vehicle. Basically, it changes the mathematical formula to calculate the speed of a motor vehicle...There is more to it, but that is basically it.

The whole 75% thing is that the patrol vehicle has to be going with in 75% of the target vehicle speed in order to get a reading. So, if the target vehicle is going 175Km/H, and the patrol vehicle is going 99Km/H, the radar will not register a target speed. If the patrol vehicle is going 100Km/H a speed on the target vehicle will be obtained...Again, for same direction mode only.

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