First Speeding Ticket in 3 Decades of Driving - Best Results

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First Speeding Ticket in 3 Decades of Driving - Best Results

by: Watson18 on
Sun Sep 30, 2012 6:43 am

I was driving along a small sideroad in Barrie and got caught by radar going 76 kms. in a 50 kms. zone and also designated community safety zone. Road starts off at 50 kms. then soon after changes to 80 kms. and then back to 50 kms. before approaching a 4 way intersection where controlled by flashing red for north /south traffic and flashing yellow for west / east traffic.

Anyhow, I was concentrating on the road ahead as it was totally unfamiliar to me and was a hilling up and down type and somehow missed the 50 kms. speed change from the 80 kms.

I have no excuse, I was speeding. The OPP officer was very professional with me. He suggested I fill the Not Guity portion of the ticket out, file to the court on time and go to a hearing with the Justice. He noted from his experience prosecutors have drops the points and settled for a fine in the $90 -$100 range, which is currently ticketed at $235. He also noted, I had no activity on my driving record profile since 1993 which I really cannot remember what that may have been...but think a red light camera infraction when my wife was using my car.

So far all I've done is go to the court last week to file the Not Guilty Plea and set the court date request into process.

Is there any plan of action I can do ahead of time (before the court date which is still to be set) to make a resolution or do I have to wait for my court date and speak with the prosecutor at that time only available? I have no issue with paying a fine but don't want to get hit with demerit points. My insurance just went up $1,000 simply as a rate adjustment based on the postal code area I live in and the amount of claims experienced in my area - Thornhill / Richmond Hill.

Much appreciated for the top notch information provided by the visitors to this fourm.
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by: mnstrcck on
Mon Oct 01, 2012 5:16 pm

Request disclosure. You can always go to a preliminary meeting with the Prosecutor and see what he offers. There could also be procedural errors [ ticket error, non-disclosure, unreasonable delay - 11(b) ] that can work in your favour. I'd fax in a Disclosure Request in as soon as you get your court date though.
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