Speeding Ticket For Driving 100 Km/h In 60 Km/h Zone

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Speeding Ticket For Driving 100 Km/h In 60 Km/h Zone

by: Thebigbog on

Good evening, hopefully someone will be able to help me.

I got a speeding ticket for driving 100 km/h in 60 km/h zone.

I asked to meet with the prosecutor, and also asked to disclose the evidence against me.

On the evidence disclosure the police officer stated that he got me with a hand held radar while his vihicle was parked on a private driveway.

When actually he was following me on a twisted and hilly side road, so basically he gave a false statement.

My question is how I can prove it? And if I can prove it will the ticket will be dismissed?

And does Halton police use dash cams?

And if they do, can I ask to see the recording from that day to prove that the officer gave a false statement?


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by: bend on

I don't get it. What exactly are you assuming here? That all officers who use radar on the side of the road wont put their car in drive and follow you? That does happen.

They might not pull you over right away for several reasons. The most common because they want to know who they are pulling over before they stick their face in front of your window.

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