G1 Driver, Driving Alone, Got Speeding Ticket

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G1 Driver, Driving Alone, Got Speeding Ticket

by: Jaybee on

My husband is 32 and only has his G1. (lived in TO and never bothered to get one). Last night, he took my car to run an errand, got pulled over, was told he was doing 80 in a 50, but the officer took the fine down to 60 in a 50, as my husband "seems like a nice guy". Well, the officer never clued in that my husband didn't have his full license. Hubby told him that he "left it at home" and the officer never questioned him.

I am livid with my husband for being such a moron and putting mine and his insurance premiums in jeopardy. However, what I really want to know is, IS THIS GOING TO COME BACK TO HAUNT US? OR WERE WE INCREDIBLY LUCKY THAT THE OFFICER NEVER CLUED IN? CAN CHARGES OR INSURANCE PROBLEMS BE BROUGHT UP RETROACTIVELY? Is his ability to actually get his license in jeopardy, or will this go no further than the small fine of $40.00?

thanks in advance for you advice.

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by: argyll on

Well yes, he is a moron but you might get lucky. He won't be listed on your insurance as a G1 driver but when he gets his G2 and is listed the premium might takes jump.

Technically speaking the copper can realize his mistake and issue a new ticket but the chances of that are very very small. He dodged a bullet but I hope he realizes what a bonehead decision he made and the possible consequences of his actions.

Former Ontario Police Officer. Advice will become less relevant as the time goes by !
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