Representing Myself In Court

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Representing Myself In Court

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I have to appear in court tomorrow ( March 17, 08 ), however I haven't gotten a lawyer yet so I will have to represent myself. I would like to get rid of some questions that keep bothering me before I go.

I plead not guilty.

1.)Is it too late to call and reschedule the trial?

- Do I need a good reason to do so? There was a loss in the family a few days ago and I also have a few exams at school this week with 1 being on the day of court. These are the real reasons why, are these good enough to have the trial rescheduled if it's not too late?

- What are some good reasons if mine aren't persuasive enough?

2.)Is it too late to get a lawyer (I already emailed a few this weekend for quotes/online consultation, still awaiting for a reply)?

3.)If I decide to not appear in court (most definitely won't happen, but who knows), are there any court fees or can they increase my ticket charge?

4.) When speaking to the judge, do I say, "Your honor"? or is that just for the United States? I took law in highschool and can recall being told it was something else for Canada.

5.)What would "you" personally do if you were in my situation?

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Re: Representing Myself In Court

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Prodigy wrote:5.)What would "you" personally do if you were in my situation?

I'm sure it will be too late to reschedule with a phone call. You should attend court on time and when your case is called, ask the "JP" (Justice of the Peace) for a "Continuance" to a later date due to the death in the family. You will almost certainly be granted one Continuance (the JP will ask the clerk to check her calender for an acceptable date). Be advised that it the officer doesn't show up for the next court date, the Crown will likely be granted a motion for yet another Continuance.

This should give you more than enough time to seek council.

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