Will workplace know if my License gets suspended?

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Will workplace know if my License gets suspended?

by: V.Humpher on
Thu Feb 07, 2013 4:58 pm

I received a letter today that my license was suspended for not paying a fine. I plan to go and pay the fine tomorrow morning and apparently it takes 4 business days to get my license reinstated.

My job involves driving a security company vehicle (somewhere in Ontario) and doing patrols. I only work 2 hours a day on Sat and Sun. If I tell my boss my license is suspended there is a chance I might get fired. I plan to just take a risk and drive those 4 hours and get it over with this weekend. I know I won't get pulled over by the cops while in a security vehicle.

Do the courts or MTO tell my workplace that my license is/was suspended (now and in the future)? If that's the case then I have to tell my boss and beg for mercy :(

Thank you so much for your answers everyone!

P.S Apparently it was suspended 3 days ago and I received the Notice today. So let's say if cops pulled me over. Would I have been charged for driving under suspension even though I had no knowledge of it?
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by: Stanton on
Thu Feb 07, 2013 5:26 pm

1) No, the Ministry does not notify employers when a persons licence is under suspension. Its very unlikely the Ministry would even know who your employer is.
2) Possibly, although charges are more common once the notice has been sent/served.

Some additional thoughts. I know its very unlikely youll get pulled over while operating an armored car, but Id strongly warn you against taking that risk. What if someone slides into the back of your car while youre stopped at a light and the police have to take an accident report? Would your boss be impressed with the security vehicle getting towed? Also consider that most employers check employees driving abstracts from time to time, typically for insurance purposes (I know mine is checked twice yearly). The suspension will show on your record, and your employer would probably be even less impressed if they found out after the fact you decided to drive while suspended.

The big problem is that if you get done up for driving under suspension, youre facing a significant fine, a minimum 6 month licence suspension and your personal insurance rates could easily double. If there was ever a weekend to tell your boss youve got the flu, this would be the time.
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by: Mugwug on
Fri Feb 08, 2013 2:44 pm

FyreStorm wrote:Flu day...trust me...
This is solid advice. The risk is NOT worth 4 hours pay. If you get into an accident while driving on a suspended licence it may invalidate the insurance coverage (even if you're not at fault) in an accident, and your employer would certainly find out if you got pulled for any reason and your suspension discovered.

Definately NOT worth the headache.
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