Summons To Defendant / Suspension - Advice Wanted

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Re: Summons To Defendant / Suspension - Advice Wanted

by: ancientlyre on

Suspended wrote:I can tell you what happened to me in the same situation this week. I was in a GTA court for driving while under suspension for unpaid fines and like you I had paid them off and got my licence back. I had to sit in the court room while the proceedings took place. They call you up alphabetically at which point you state your full name and they give you what they call disclosure. this is the proof against you. At that time they asked me if I wanted to speak to a prosecutor. I chose to and we went into the hall. The normal fine is $1,000.00 plus a further 6 month suspension. I explained that I couldn't be with out my licence or I would loose my job. He took it down to driving with out a valid licence and a $200.00 fine but warned me that if it happened again it would mean jail time. I then went in front of the Judge and plead guilty to the reduced charge and it was over. The Judge gave me 6 months to pay the fine. I also had the choice to plead not guilt and set a trial date.

I hope this helps because it was one hell of a stress full day for me.

THANK YOU! This took a lot of stress off of me when I read this. Court today was completely stress free compared what it should have been. However this must happen a lot because 4 of us all got our "Driving while suspended" brought down to HTA 32 (1) "Driving without a valid license".

Just make sure that you have paid the fine and ideally gotten your license reinstated. The prosecutor asked if I had but didn't even check the papers in my hand.

For anyone that is in this situation do not worry at all. Especially if its your first time. Heck the guy beside me was there for his second time this month for the same thing and got the same reduced charge.

The $325 it ended up costing looks a lot nicer than 6 months suspension plus $1000.00

Thanks again stranger!

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