Summons To Court For Drive While Suspended (please Advise)

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Summons To Court For Drive While Suspended (please Advise)

by: Jon653 on

Hello Everyone

Unfortunately a few weeks ago I was pulled over by an officer after exiting a restaurant parking lot. He asked me if I had been drinking(I had not) I replied that I had not, he asked "even one beer?" I said no sir. He seemed that he was not believing me so I offered to do a Breathalyzer test. He went and got it, I blew a 0.00 (I was drinking Diet coke all night). At this point he seemed to relax but then told me that my license was currently suspended because of an unpaid fine.

I told him I was unaware of the suspension, he said it was mailed to my address a week prior. Unfortunately I had been commuting to work from my girl friends place for roughly 3 months and returning to my house only to pick up my mail from my room mates every week or so ( my brother and 3 other girls were renting a house) because my girlfriend lived 3 minutes from my new site (I work construction) and I live roughly an hour. I had not received the warning to pay the fine or the notice of the suspension and still have not, which leads me to believe they were taken by someone else and thrown away.

The officer said because I was not lying about not drinking he would let me pull into the parking lot next to us and either get someone to drive it home or a tow from there ( none of my friends drive stick so I ended up getting it towed). He told me pay my fines the next day and then go to court and they usually reduce it to drive no license.

I paid them the next morning (left work to pay them on break)

Talked to the Girlfriend and changed my address and officially moved in (changed my addresses with my insurance and on Licences) so this cannot happen again

Any tips on talking to the prosecutor? Do I ask him for the plea deal or does he bring it up? The only other infraction on my abstract is that I didnt renew my sticker in time (I was about a week late) but I paid that fine (was 2-3 years ago).

I am summoned to appear at court on Jan.5th

Thank you for your time

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