advise needed-suspended license

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advise needed-suspended license

by: Blovell127 on
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Hello, any advise is greatly appreciated;
In dec 2012 i was pulled over for an expired sticker (company vehicle so i wasnt aware it was expired-still my fault i know), i had told my employer about it and discussed that they would pay the fine so i figured it would be over. in Jan 1013 i was pulled over for texting while driving (my fault-im an idiot), while pulled over the officer told me that my license was suspended due to non payment of fines, i was unware of this. the officer gave me a court date for May 27th 2013. Then in feb 2013 i was pulled over again and was charged with driving while license is suspended (again my fault, had to get to work, stupid decision looking back, completely regret it). while pulled over in feb 2013 the officer gave me a new court date for May 1st and told me that all my charges would be addressed on this date. I went to the guelph court office on may 1st for my first appearance. I was completely honest with the prosecutor so he only charged me with failure to show valid license which is a $290 ticket, which i was happy to pay because i could have lost it for 6months and had a $1100 fine. i payed my fines and got my license back on may 20, also bought a new car because i believed all this to be behind me.
heres where i need the help; yesterday i was pulled over for speeding( my fault and im not disputing it). while pulled over the officer said that my license was suspended again effective on may 27th. he towed my car and impounded it for 7 days. he also gave me two tickets-one for speeding, and one for driving with a suspended license. that is the whole story(sorry, long i know). My question is what are my options? I was told in court on may 1st that all my charges were being delt with. i received no indication that i still had to come on may 27th. Im hoping that this is just a huge misunderstanding and that ill be able to go to the court house on monday and get my car out of the impound lot and my license reinstated, i fully intend on dealing with the speeding ticket separately. anyways thanks for your time and any advise is really appreciated!
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