I Beat A Drive While Suspended. How Did It Happen?

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I Beat A Drive While Suspended. How Did It Happen?

by: KABZA on

Ok I'm gonna try and condense this as much as I can.

Last summer I received a "drive while suspended" ticket. Met with the crown and the prick offered me a "deal" of a 1k fine and charge changed to "drive with no license". I said screw that and scheduled it for trial and prayed that the officer wouldn't show. Well trial day comes and the cop shows up, albeit late 45 minutes but my name didn't get called yet which was a blow to the chin. The cocky prick had the nerve to come up to me and give me a tap on my shoulder with his disclosure and also threw in a good luck with a cocky cop smirk that made my blood boil. Well anyways facing defeat I did what came naturally and delayed the proceeding the best I could. I told the crown that I would like to accept the deal and the crown but it back to another courtroom for another day. He thought the situation was resolved, how little the bastard knew. So I show up that day and went back against the deal and said I want to apply for legal aid/CLA. So the judge postpones for another month. Well that court date I show up and I missed my appointment with legal aid and the judge gets pissed and sais next court date is to set a trial date. Well I didn't show up to that date because I figured I would get a trial notice by mail. Well the notice didn't come and somehow they managed to fit my trial in only 2 weeks after the date I missed. So I accidently miss my trial date only to call in around 4 days later wondering what happened when I was greeted with the most pleasant news that my trial was dismissed by the judge.

Now I really badly wanna know what happened and If my tactics played any role in my dismissal but they want $50 for the transcripts. Is there any other way I can find out even a simplified version of what happened? Legally shouldn't I be entitled to this without forking over $50 to these greedy pricks?

Please help if you can.


edit: One more thing I would like to add is that apparently for serious charges they must hold a trial even without your presence. This I was not aware of and thought if one misses trial they are automatically found guilty. Also I'm pretty sure the cop would've showed up, because the cops kind of have it out for me around here because of stupid *EDIT* I did/said growing up.

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by: Lawman on

Don't buy the transcript; tell them you want to listen to the tape recorded hearing.

They let me do this in the past for free and even allowed me to tape record their copy of the hearing so I have a tape recorded copy of my own.

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