License suspended by FRO and caught driving...

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License suspended by FRO and caught driving...

by: PeterJ on
Tue Feb 07, 2012 11:50 pm

So here's the brief summary of my story:
Over the past year I have gotten behind on my child support payments due to underemployment and then unemployment, and due to that I wound up with my license suspended. Just after Christmas, I was dumb and drove my van to the store and sure enough, there was an officer at the intersection in my village, and I got charged with driving under suspension.

I always understood that this would be a serious charge, but when I went for my court appearance a week ago I was informed that I'm likely looking at incarceration for this. It was then put off until March.

This came as a very frightening surprise to me. I have no criminal record, and not a spotless driving record, but in my 25 years of driving never anything worse than a 15km/h over the limit charge.

My first question is this:
What is the real chance of going to jail?

Secondly, I'm in a dire financial situation now as I am on EI and the Family Support Order is taking half of it so I don't have nearly enough to live on and am right now living on the grace of those who expect payment. Given that, how much can I expect that to be reflected upon in amount of fine and duration in which to pay?


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by: Radar Identified on
Thu Feb 16, 2012 5:30 pm

Going to jail? For the first offence? While I'm usually not too sympathetic about driving suspended, this seems a bit excessive. People who rack up enough serious convictions to get their licence suspended, and then get caught driving suspended, are the ones who should be facing incarceration. But, that's not much help to you.

Who told you that you'd be facing incarceration? Was it the Prosecutor or the Justice of the Peace? I've seen, for lack of a better term, punk kids on their THIRD "drive while suspended" offence still get off with a fine and a further suspension - and no jail.

As far as the fine goes, I can't say for sure. With your financial situation they might give you something in the neighbourhood of $1000.
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