Seatbelt Requirement Regarding Classic Car ???

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Seatbelt Requirement Regarding Classic Car ???

by: MarchieB on

I own an old car built in 1972 and would like to do my due diligence re: seatbelt requirements.

My car has both the lap belt and shoulder harness but they are separated and each belt locks into its own individual buckle.

I wear the lap belt but as the shoulder harness is not retractable and just folded up on headliner, I don’t use it.

The OHTA (sec 106) states;

No person shall drive on a highway a motor vehicle in which a seat belt assembly required under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act (Canada) at the time that the vehicle was manufactured or imported into Canada has been removed, rendered partly or wholly inoperative, modified so as to reduce its effectiveness or is not operating properly through lack of maintenance.

I also know that seatbelt laws are regulated by each province and they were not mandatory (to wear) in Ontario until Jan 1, 1976.

So where do I stand if I receive a ticket for not wearing the shoulder restraint???

Thanks in advance!!!

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