Requirement To Provide Three Copies Of Case Law For A Motion

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Re: Requirement To Provide Three Copies Of Case Law For A Mo

by: rank on

jsherk wrote:I just want to know if it exists or not!

I would think if the Judge didn't know about it, and the crown reduced her statement from "It's the law" to "It's procedure" then we can safely assume that the crown lied. They are prone to that you know. You of all people should know they cannot be believed. These people that enforce laws seem to think just because they're not under oath, it's OK to lie to us and about us.

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by: Zatota on

It may be buried somewhere in either the rules of procedure or LSUC requirements. While a JP and prosecutor may be familiar with commonly cited cases, one should never assume that. Plus, someone could be referring to a paragraph or making an interpretation that hasn't been previously used.

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