Seat Belts In Taxi Cabs

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Seat Belts In Taxi Cabs

by: kw35 on

Well this is my question I got pulled over in a taxi cab for not wearing a seat blet. I have been in many taxi cabs and never had issues and seen alot of other people that don't wear them even some cab drivers don't wear them. And on top of it the poilice that pulled us over was ahead of us at a street light and he pulled back two car lenghts and then pulled us over he was driving way ahead of us, no warning nothing. But see I alos got a problem wearing some seat belts as I am a bigger size person and some cab seat belts are too tight but the poilce officers never gave me a chance to explain just gave me a ticket. i am a person on disabilty and really a 110. ticket is alot for me to pay what should i do.


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by: FiReSTaRT on

As far as I know, you have to wear a seat belt even in taxis. Considering the way they're driven around Toronto, it sounds like a great idea to me. If you don't drive, the $110 ticket won't really affect you as you aren't facing large insurance rate increases for every "conviction." I'd be the last person to recommend paying a ticket, but under the circumstances....... While $110 may seem like a lot, a paralegal would cost you a lot more and fighting it yourself would involve a lot of time, effort and some travel expenses, for a case they can prove easily.

Another option is to go to court and plead guilty with an explanation. Based on your financial circumstances, I'm pretty sure any JP with an oz of humanity in him/her will cut you a break. It will still cost you a bit of time and 2 trips to the courthouse.

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by: ticketcombat on

There's a seatbelt safety blitz going on right now. Taxi drivers are exempt but not their passengers. There is an exemption for medical reasons under s. 106(6). It's probably your best bet to explore this.

A passenger not wearing a seatbelt does not affect your driving record and their are no demerit points.

I have detailed explanations on my site.

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