Dui Droped! Insurance Questions. Please Help!

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Dui Droped! Insurance Questions. Please Help!

by: FatLuke_NOFX on

Hello all, glad to say I just walked out of court today, all charges withdrawn and thrown out BOOM, gone, niiiiice. Ha, all I can say is with enough money you can buy anything, even freedom. THE SYSTEM IS CORUPT!

Leading up to trial (today) and still currently I am fully insured under my company vehicles, and my wife's car (I sold my own because I thought I would lose my license.) So today when I called my insurance broker to get a quote on a new vehicle, she said that she saw there was a 90 day suspension in august of 2012 and reinstated in November. (The mandatory 90 day road side suspension.)

I called too late in the day so she could not get a hold of the actual insuring company, so my question is this:

1. Does a 90 day suspension make my insurance go up?

2. Since all charges were withdrawn and thrown out shouldn't that 90 day suspension be taken off my record?

3. What papers, or what legal mumbo jumbo do I need to tell my broker so she can make sure all this goes away.

The way I see it, and the court sees it as well, I am innocent, so why should my insurance go up even a penny? Please help me guys, I spent so much money to drop the charges, I got none left for something silly like this.

Thanks again guys, great informative forum, I'm glad I stumbled across it!! :D

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by: OPS Copper on

First you were not found innocent. There was a problem with the case and they declined to prosecute. If you really want to get into innocence how do you explain the breathalyzer readings that show you were drunk wile driving.

And to quote what you said Money can buy anything.

As for the suspension it is not for a conviction but is for being charged and does not matter the conviction.


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by: Stanton on

The FSCO released a bulletin in 2006 stating insurers aren't to use administrative suspensions to calculate risk, since there's no conviction associated with it. In short, your provider should not be able to increase your rates.

Link: http://www.fsco.gov.on.ca/en/auto/autob ... 04_06.aspx

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