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I have no prior court experience, and have never been convicted in the past.
I have a court date on the 28th of January, at the Brampton court house.
I will not be able to make the trial date, can I do anything to reschedule the date?

Also, how do I request disclosure?
and is it too late to do so now?

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If you unable to appear in court on your scheduled trial date you may file a motion and ask the court to reschedule your appearance. You have to include an affidavit "sworn statement" as to why you are unable to appear and the presiding Justice of the Peace will consider your position.
You have to file motion in advance as your motion will be heard on different date (not your trial date).
As you mentioned that your trial date is set for 28 January 2010 you have to move quickly.

As to disclosure request: forms are available at the prosecution office in Brampton court on the second floor.

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