City cop stopped me on Federal Highway

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Re: City cop stopped me on Federal Highway

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Ok. Not sure what you are not understanding here. All police in Ontario can operate anywhere in Ontario period. You, or your friend had an accident and got charged. You or your friend do not get to police shop.

Oh and FYI. Our cars have maps of the city on the computers. Theses maps have a drawn version(similar to google maps) or an ariel over head photo of the entire city.


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It must be all this confusion over jurisdictions that lead to so many police chases. The bad guys must be under the mistaken impression that once they reach the city limits the poor municipal police have to pull over and stop. :D

Seriously though, even if you get stopped on a Federal Highway here in Ontario for speeding, you're still being charged under the Provincial Highway Traffic Act, not some Federal act. While the horsemen do have certain authorities above and beyond other officers, it's nothing relevant to this forum.

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itb44 wrote:Is D2 within his rights to contact RCMP and request some sort of investigation
itb44 wrote:must he now leave it all for court

This is not the United States, which is royally bent out of shape over jurisdiction. Simply put, as long as A police officer from Ontario, doesn't matter what agency, stopped and investigated, and/or issued the ticket, it's a done deal. In fact, let's say an officer from the Windsor Police happened to be in Ottawa for whatever reason, and came upon the collision scene. The Windsor officer would be completely within his rights to investigate, file a report, and write tickets - and it's all legal. When you're sworn in, it's province-wide.

The RCMP are not going to re-open an investigation that has already been done by the Ottawa Police.

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