Failure To Provide Proof Of Insurance Plead Guilty With Excuse

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Failure To Provide Proof Of Insurance Plead Guilty With Excuse

by: Allie2325 on

I have read a few other posts here and mine is similar in some ways but I am so beyond lost right now.

I got a ticket a few weeks ago. I was pulled over in my mom's car for what the cop said was running a stop sign. She happens to have a dash cam and was certain I had stopped for at least 3 sdc (the guy behind me honked at me). I mentioned it to the cop and she asked for my insurance and registration anyway.

I gave her the insurance card but long story short, it was the wrong one. The insurance company had sent new ones and the other ones were only issued for the span of two months or something because my parents had bundled their home and auto insurance. Anyway...I pulled the current ones up on my phone and she said she couldn't accept that.

She said she could ticket me for the stop sign (which I have footage of me not running), the insurance (which I'm pretty sure a digital copy is adequate for) pr my registration (which I had already given her). I of course said the insurance.

Fast forward a few weeks, I called the courthouse and they assured me the option I was looking for was option 2 (I know now that it should have been option 3) and now the time has lapsed. So I'm stuck pleading guilty with an excuse.

This will affect my insurance. I have already gotten quotes with and without it. I cant afford it is literally double just for a minor infraction (older car but not a classic, only one company that agreed to insure it).

I want to get this taken down to a parking ticket if possible as this is really my only option.

My question, will the Justice of the Peace have the officer notes? I don't know if they will ask why I was pulled over to begin with but God knows what that cop put in her notes - surely that I ran the stop sign.

Please help. I'm a single mom. Clean record. Just getting on my feet after an abusive relationship. I can't afford the repercussions of this ticket.

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by: bend on

You are charged with not providing proof of insurance on demand when requested. Even if you get a hold of your current insurance slip after providing the incorrect one, the officer is not obligated to go back and forth with you. It would be considered your duty to provide it the first time, which you should consider the only time.

No, you can't just turn this into a parking ticket.

It sounds like you've requested an early resolution meeting. Your best bet is to show up with the valid insurance slip and explain how you accidentally gave the officer the old one. While they are under no obligation to do anything for you, there's a chance they may let it slide. It's not uncommon for this charge.

If you don't like their offer (if any), you can request a trial if that's what you want.

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