Failure To Provide Insurance Card

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Failure To Provide Insurance Card

by: gogreen on


Today, I was pulled over for speeding. When the officer came to the window, I had my insurance, ownership and license ready for him. He came back and told me that he reduced my charge significantly and gave me back all my documents. I thanked him and he left quickly. When I was putting everything away, I noticed he gave me a second ticket for "Failure to provide insurance card." When I looked at the insurance, I gave him the expired one by accident, but I had the valid one in the car.

First of all the officer did not make any mention about the expired card or ticket. I would have instantly gave him the correct one.

Should I select the option to take this to trial or go to the meeting.

Thank you for your input.

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by: FyreStorm on

Unfortunately you are required to surrender a proper (not expired) insurance card. Granted you could plead not guilty to both, and attend court to try to negotiate one away. However, even if you find by the time he or she has returned with the offence notice written, you have no real defence. A valid insurance card is required upon demand to the officer.

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by: drdeath on

I was stopped for speeding on 401. I had a clean record for 14 years-the policeman commented on this. He reduced my over the limit but when I produced my temporary paper as proof of insurance-my car was 3 weeks old and I had not received my card yet from my insurance company-he didn't even look at the paper and fined me for failure to produce my card $65. I think this is wrong as I produced proof-should I fight this?

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by: Stanton on

The act requires you surrender an insurance card, which is defined as one of the following:

1) a Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Card in the form approved by the Superintendent of Financial Services

2) a policy of automobile insurance or a certificate of a policy in the form approved by the Superintendent of Financial Services

3) a document in a form approved by the Superintendent of Financial Services

So your temporary proof would have to be on one of the above three documents AND on an approved form. You'd have to research on the FSCO website for the specifics of what they consider an approved form.

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