Hours Of Service Regulations

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Hours Of Service Regulations

by: Off_Camber on

'Day'-A 24 hour period at the specified time by the carrier

requirements-there are several maximum driving and minimum off duty time allowed for the day

'Shift'- the work shift starts at the end of 8 consecutive hours of duty and concludes at the beggining of the next 8 consecutive hours off duty

Day Rules

1) Off Duty>=10 hours

2)Driving<=13 hours

3)No driving after 14 hours on duty

The daily rules are independant of the shift requirements-the driver must be in compliance with BOTH the shift and daily rules at all times-within the day a driver must have 10 hours off duty, as well cannot drive more than 13 hours or be 14 hours on duty.

Shift Rules

1)Driving<=13 hours

2)no driving after 14 hours on duty

3) no driving after 16 hours of elapsed time

the shift rules are independant of the daily requirement-the driver must be in compliance of both

After having 8 hours consecutive off duty a driver MAY NOT drive:

-more than 13 hours

-after 14 hours on duty

-periods of off duty time less than 8 hours

Log Book requirements

will need to conatain all information previously required with the new addition

-cycle declaration-cycle 1 or 2

-end odometer reading

-if using defereal (day 1 or 2)

-odometer reading for 'personal use'

a driver must carry and be able to produce the previous 14 day logs PLUS supporting documents for the current trip


A driver must not drive 70 hours in 7 days or 120 in 14 days

the driver must select one of the cycles and declare this on the daily log

the driver CANNOT switch cycles without first making the reset for the cycle they are currently using

Reset Cycle 1- 36 hours consecutive off duty hours

Cycle 2 72 consecutive hours off duty.

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