Improper Service?

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Improper Service?

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November 29, 2022:

I was merging on the 401. The right lane was at a crawl, and I gauged my speed on the ramp to meet up with a nice open spot in the lane. The guy who I would have been merging in front of, decides its "his highway" and scoots up to try and stop me from merging.

He was too slow and didn't get there in time. He wasn't even close.

The middle lane was moving well, and, as other cars wanted to merge, and the right lane was crawling, I moved out to the middle lane and carried on my way. That, apparently annoyed road king, and he gave chase. He flies up in the left lane, passes me, then serves in front, and does the usual brake checking nonsense.

I moved to the left lane, and began to pass him as the left lane was completely clear ahead. While doing his brake check and swerving dance, he clipped the right front corner of my car, and spun himself into the concrete barrier (PITT style).

I called the cops and waited for them to arrive.

The cop didn't ask me anything, and then instructed me to drive two exits down the highway in a car that had just been kissed on three sides by an out of control pick up truck. He had the gall to get stroppy with me when I pointed out the exit 700 meters away that would be easier to get to, and not involve highway speeds in a car that had just been in a collision.

The steering felt a bit wonky, which I later found out was because the steering linkage was bent, and the car had shifted on its frame mounts, but hey, officer doofy knows best, right?

So I'm sitting at this gas station he told me to go to, and along comes the other driver in his truck, followed by the cop.

I sat there for an hour waiting for him to come and take a statement from me. The other guy drives off, and inspector clouseau comes waddling up. He throws a piece of paper in my window and says "this is your charge form and license."

What am I being charged with?

Careless driving.

Why's that?

No response. Just a stunned shifty look like he didn't have an answer.

Well, did you charge the other guy then?

Yeah, he got the same as you.

(Weird that the reason for charging me was a secret, but he was okay telling me that the other guy got charged). (Secret because he couldn't justify it).

With that, he waddles off back to his car and disappears into the night. He never did ask me for my statement. I thought that was pretty strange.

I drive home, and under closer inspection I find the charge sheet I have in my hand belongs to the OTHER GUY. On top of that, I have the other guys driver's license as well, and he had mine.

I get on the horn to the opp detachment, and explain this to a sargeant, who asks what I would like done about it.

Oh, I don't know; How about someone go get my driver's license back from the other driver, IF he hasn't thrown it in the trash that is? Y'know... fix the screw you... ...professionals made? Perhaps? If it isn't too much trouble?

The next morning, one of ontario's finest (but not brightest) went and swapped out the licenses, but not the charge sheets. I still have the other guys form from nearly a year ago, and have never seen mine.

I paid one of those ticket places to look into it. He said something about improper service, and to not tip the cops off to their mistake. He said he was going to make inquiries. I haven't heard from him in nearly a year as well.

Has anyone else run into this type of thing? Being given someone else's ticket or summons? Did that qualify as improper service, and have the charge tossed?

I have also heard that there are extensive backlogs, and cases are being tossed because of that. Is this still happening?

Its 14 days short of a year on this one.

Someone raised the idea that the screw up (and not so much as asking me for my name) may have been intentional on the part of the cop to save a friend of a friend (the other guy). He gives the wrong paperwork, and when he was told about it, and physically had to go swap driver licenses, he didn't correct the paperwork while he was at it. Its hard to tell if it was intentional, or if he wasn't all that bright.

Either way, there is something very strange about it.

What are your thoughts?

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