Careless Driving - Slid Into A Ditch On The 401

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Careless Driving - Slid Into A Ditch On The 401

by: Jung on

Outside of Kitchener, Nov 11th 2019 8 pm, I was travelling at 80 KPH, was preparing to change into the right lane to exit, and I slid on a snow covered lane (it was blizzarding), lost control and drove into a ditch (car is a write-off due to damage to the driver side front wheel.)No one else was involved in the collision.

A tow truck summoned by the OPP, towed my car to a nearby mall plaza, and I cooperated with the officer to report the accident. My tired brain at 9 pm didn’t really comprehend when he was hinting with sighs about being recorded will be used as evidence and I had the right to be silent basically. He especially did not like when I said I was travelling at 80 KPH.

So I said the first paragraph there, and more or less, he said, if I travelled at 60 KPH, I probably wouldn’t have had the accident. “No one loses control” he said, and due to it being his job, he had to write the ticket as Careless Driving. He highly advise following the instructions on the ticket and taking the Early Resolution. Currently I’m waiting on the mail to deliver the early resolution date.

So beyond that, any advice?

Also I’d like to note, the ticket has checked there being 1 witness, does the tow truck that picked me up after the fact count as a witness? Cause that would be incorrect if it is.

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