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by: RAZOR99 on
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I was involved in a rear end collision where I was deemed responsible and charged.
After settling my affairs with the tow and receiving a rental, immediately when I got home I reported the accident to my insurance adjuster and explained the facts of the accident:
I was on Dixie road about half a mile from the MidWay lights heading towards Derry Road at around 4:15pm as I just got off work. With no cars ahead of me, a small Toyota passes me in the center lane and suddenly cuts in front of me only to slam on her brakes. I had little reaction time only to hit her right rear bumper because her car was on a 45 degree angle from merging into my lane before slamming on her brakes, so she didn't even have time to straighten her wheels out before coming to a full stop. Now of course I went to make sure she was ok, which she said she was. A tow truck was in the area and swung by to see if we were ok, I was explaining what had happened and after a time the other driver composed herself and joined in our conversation. With the tow truck driver present I asked her why she decided to slam on her brakes so suddenly. Her answer was this, "I Froze because I thought the Van behind me wanted to get in front of me" ummmm ok??? I then asked why she changed lanes so close to my car when there was ample room ahead of me and she said the van was being aggressive. Ummmm ok!
She then stepped away and made a call to someone, meanwhile the cops arrived and took our statement. When the officer came to the tow truck with my papers he must have been nearing the end of his shift as he didn't try examining the scene as i pointed out her car was frozen on a 45 degree angle. Her back wheel was barely over the dotted line and the only damage to her car was some of my red paint on her right rear bumper. I asked the officer what her story was, when the officer mentioned some of the report, the tow truck driver noticed a variation and said to the officer that's not the story she told us. I didn't pick up on the details being a little frazzled. Now why would she change her story? HMMM! What I found kind of strange is the officer then mentioned he was gonna report the other driver indicated she was not injured. Now why did the officer get this funny feeling, that didn't even dawn on me.
Spoke to my adjuster today (Wednesday)and she mentioned the other driver's insurance had contacted them and her story had now changed a 3rd time, I called the tow truck driver who had given me his card and said "listen thanks for picking up on the change in the other drivers story but now its changed a 3rd time. If my insurance calls, can you confirm you picked up on the first story that i also heard. He said sure but I am no witness just noticed the story had changed, I said thats fine. What Do I do I need pictures of her slightly damaged right rear bumper or will the autobody take pics? Any help would be appreciated.
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